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Discover authentic Indian flavors on our menu. From breads to biryanis, vegetarian delights, and more, our culinary journey awaits.

Vegetarian Appetizers

Satisfy your taste buds with our Vegetarian Appetizers. From crispy samosas to savory pakoras, our menu showcases a delectable selection of flavorful bites crafted exclusively for vegetarian preferences.

Tray of Chutneys & Papadums
Onion Bhajia

Fresh onion battered and deep fried

Cubes of cottage cheese cooked with chefs special spices.

Vegetable Samosa

Crispy pyramid pastry filled with mildly spiced potatoes & peas.

Hara Kebab

Spinach & fenugreek patties filled with cheese & coriander

Vegetable Pakora

Variety of garden vegetables mixed & fried in a spiced chickpea batter.

Woodland Mushroom

Fresh mushrooms marinated in spicy yoghurt & cooked in Tandoor.

Tasting Sharing Platers

Chilly Paneer

A selection including 2pcs each of Samosa, Pakora,Mushrooms & Pnion Bhajia

Tandoori Platter
(Serves 2)

A combination of 2pcs each of Chicken Tikka.Lamb Cutlet,Tandoori Chicken & Seekh kebab.

Tandoori Sizzlers

Chicken Tikka (4pcs)

Chicken fillets marinated in yoghurt,spices and roasted in tandoor.

Fish Tikka (6pcs)

A combination of 2pcs each of Chicken Tikka.Lamb Cutlet,Tandoori Chicken & Seekh kebab.

Lamb Cutlets (4pcs)

Lamb Cutlets marinated in yoghurt, spices and cooked in tandoor.

Tandoori Prawns(6pcs)

Prawn cutlets delicately marianted in spices & cooked in tandoor.

Tandoori Chicken Full (8pcs)
Half (4pcs)

Chicken on the bone marinated in a special blend of spices, yoghurt and then roasted in Tandoor 

Taste Platter
(Per person)

Chefs choice (4 Varieties of Non Veg entrees)

Signature dishes


Butter Chicken

Chicken gently simmered in butter,tomato gravy blessed with Kasturi Methi.

Chicken Saag

Chicken cooked with creamy fresh spinach & traditional spices

Chicken Jalfrezy

Chicken fillets sauteed with onion, tomato,capsicum in spicy tangy sauce.

Chicken Shahi Korma

Chicken fillets cooked with crushed almonds & Cashew nuts.

"Le-Taj Special"
Kadhai Chicken

Chicken fillets cooked with juliennes of Capsicum,tomatoes,ginger  served in wok.

Chicken Tikka Masala
(England Favourite)

checken fillets marianted in yoghurt,spices & cooked in Tandoor.

Chicken Curry

Traditional style curry cooked with spices.


Lamb Rogan Josh
(Melbourne Favourite)

Traditional style lamb curry with rich masala & ground spices.

Lamb Madras

lamb curry cooked with cocunut,curry leaves & mustard seeds.

Lamg Saagwala

lamb cooked with puree spinach,fenugreek and spices. 

Lamb Korma

A mild Lamb curry cooked in spices & cream.

Le Taj Special
" Bhuna Lamb "

Diced lamb tossed with fresh herbs,juliennes of capsicum ,tomatoes,ginger & served imwok


Goat Curry

Pieces of goat cooked in rich tomato & onion gravy.

Goat Masala

A medium spicy version of goat curry in chef’s special gravy.


Beef Curry

Diced Beef pieces cooked in a rich tomato & onion gravy.

Beef Madras

Beef curry cooked with cocunut,curry leaves & mustard seeds.


Beef Jalfrezy

Diced beef cooked with Capsicum,tomato & onions.

Beef Chilli Fry

Diced lamb tossed with fresh herbs,juliennes of capsicum ,tomatoes,ginger & served imwok


Goan Fish Curry

Fillets of fish cooked in rich onion gravy, coconut paste and curry leaves.

Le Taj Special
" Kadhai Prawns "
(House Special)

Prawns cooked with capsicum,tomato,garlic,onions & ground spices.

Fish Masala
(South Indian Style)

Fillet of fish marinated and cooked with tomatoes and exotic spicy gravy.

Prawn Masala

Prawn cutlets marinated with special spices served in a tantalizing rich sauce

Hot Dishes

Choose Lamb, Beef or Chicken

Hot Tasty Goan preperation cooked with your choice of meat.

Choose Lamb, Beef or Chicken

Hotter version of Vindaloo cooked with your choice of meat.

Seafood Vindaloo Choose Fish or Prawn

Tasty Goan preperation cooked with your choice of seafood.

Bhut Jolokia Curry (Ghost Curry)
Choose Lamb,Beef or Chicken

( Featured in Epicure “The Age”2013 & The Urbanlist.com 2015) Curry prepared with world’s Hottest Chilli (Red Naga Chilli).  As recognised by City of Melbourne “Creator of Melbourne’s Hottest Curry 2023”

Vegetarian & Vegan Dishes

Experience the best of Vegetarian & Vegan cuisine. Our menu showcases a delightful array of plant-based dishes, bursting with flavor and creativity. From hearty vegetable curries to innovative vegan creations, each bite is a celebration of wholesome ingredients and culinary artistry.

Vegetable Korma

Mild vegetable curry cooked to perfection.

Alu Gobi (V)

uliflower & potatoes cooked in tomato and onion masala.

Malai Kofta

Dumpling of cottage cheese and mashed potatoes cooked in cashew nut gravy.

Saag Paneer

Cottage cheese cooked in pureed spinach,herbs & fenugreek.

Yellow Dhal
(Tarka Dhal) (V)

Lentils flavoured with fresh ground spices,ginger,garlic and onions.

Potato Masala (V)

Sliced potatoes spiced & flavoured with curry leaves.

Mutter Paneer

Home made cottage cheese & pease simmered in onion and tomato gravy

Aloo Mutter (V)

Potatoes and green peas cooked in special onion and tomato masala.

Dhal Makhani
(Punjabi special)

Rich & earthy punjabi dish of black lentils & red kidney beans cooked overnight.

Chickpea / Channa Masala (V)

Chickpeas cooked with chef’s special recipe.

Aloo Saag (V)

Fresh spinach and diced potatoes cooked with grount^spices.

Mushroom Masala

Fresh mushroom,green peas cooked in a chef’s special gravy.

House Special
"Kadhai Paneer"

Cottage cheese fingers,capsicum,tomatoes,onions,ginger cooked on high heat & sprinkled with ground spices

Vegetable Jalfrezy (V)

combination of vegetables cooked in special gravy with capsicum,tomato and onions

Rice & Biryani

Discover the essence of Indian cuisine with our Rice & Biryani selection. From fragrant basmati rice to flavorful biryanis, each dish is a harmonious blend of spices and tradition. Immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of India.

Saffron Basmati Rice
Mughlai Biryani
(Choose Lamb/Beef/Chicken)

A rice dish cooked with whole spices,saffron and your choice of meat

Jeera Rice

Rice flavoured with cumin seeds

Kashmiri Pulao

Rice with Dry fruits,nuts & cocunut.

Vegetable Biryani

Seasonal vegetables cooked & layered in pulao

Breads (Roti Shoti)

Experience the art of Indian breads. From fluffy naans to crispy parathas, our menu offers a delightful array of freshly baked options. Elevate your meal with our authentic and aromatic bread selection.

Tandoori Roti

Whole wheat bread.

Paneer Naan

Plain flour bread stuffed with cottage cheese.

Aloo Paratha

Whole wheat bread filled with potato & spices.

Goat Cheese Naan

Bread stuffed with goats cheese.

Nutella Naan

Bread stu ed with nutella.


Plain flour bread.


Layered flaky wholemeal bread.

Keema Naan

Bread stuffed with spicy lamb mince

Cheese & Garlic Naan

Bread stu ed with goats cheese.

Bread Basket -

A selection of assorted (Roti,Naan & Garlic Naan) in a basket.

Butter Naan

Plain flour bread with butter.

Garlic Naan

Garlic flavoured plain flour bread.

Kashmiri Naan

Bread stuffed with dry fruits & nuts.

Chocolate Naan

Bread stu ed with chocolate.


Enhance your meal with our tempting sides. From tangy chutneys to flavorful rice dishes, our side menu is a perfect complement to your main course. Explore a tantalizing array of traditional Indian flavors and elevate your dining experience with our delectable side dishes.

Desi Salad

Red onion rings with green chili,lemon & spices.

Mango Chutney
Cucumber Salad
Mix Pickles
Plain Yoghurt

Thali (Lunch Only)

Vegetarian Thali

Includes 2 Veg curries – Lentils,Mix Veg, Salad,Rice, Pappadum and Bread.

Non Vegetarian Thali

Includes Butter Chicken,Lamb Rogan Josh, Salad,Rice, Pappadum and Bread.

Dessert (Mithe Sapne)

Gulab Jamun

Milk dumplings in sugar syrup.

Mango Ice Cream

Ice cream with mango flavour.

Kulfi (Sitaram bazaar wali)

Pistachio Ice cream

Dessert Platter

Combination of Gulab Jamun,Kulfi & Ice cream.


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